3D Printing in the DLMC

Fall 2020 3D Print Request Submission Form

Prepare Your 3D Model for Printing in the Digital Learning and Media Center 

In order to print on our Flashforge Creator Pro printers, you need to convert your .OBJ or .STL file to a G-code file using the FlashPrint application. An iMac computer with the required FlashPrint software and a variety of informational links is available in the Digital Learning and Media Center (DLMC) on the fifth floor of the Case-Geyer Library and located directly adjacent to the 3D printers. No login is required to access the software or links on the computer for 3D printing. If the computer is not logged in, simply restart the computer and wait for it to login automatically. FlashPrint can be downloaded for free to your personal computer.

3D Printing Directions:

There are three steps to 3D printing:

  1. Model Creation/Download
  2. File Conversion (Slicing)
  3. Printing

Detailed instructions can be found here, including a link to step by step file conversion for FlashPrint.

Remain next to the printer until the raft and first layer of the model has been printed to ensure the print starts correctly. If a problem occurs, hit the Left Arrow button to cancel the print. If you need assistance, ask one of the Media Mentors at the DLMC desk.

Check your print regularly until the print is complete.


Trouble Shooting Help: