Build A 3D Printer Series

Week 1: 02/20/2020

  • Meet and greet – introductions and project ideas
    • Mohammad Asghar –  Printable pets to help alleviate homesickness
    • Jeffery Yang – module pieces for board games
    • Louis Kettelberger – custom Nintendo Switch Docs
    • Simon Weisberg – new surfboard fin designs
  • 3D Printing: Transforming creativity for the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’?


Creality Ender 3 assembly and pro build tips:

Students building a 3D printer

Students jump right into their build.

Students build their 3D printer.

Even though students are building their own printer, lending a helping hand made sure every one was on the same page.

Week 2: 02/27/2020

Student next to printer

The group proudly stands next to their competed printers. Great job guys!

A working printer

Action shot of a printer doing it’s first print.

A printer working

Another shot of a printer in action.

  • Ultimaker Cura – Slicer Software
    • Quality > Layer Height: 0.2 mm, can experiment with 0.1 mm for better resolution
    • Infill > 15-25% for most prints, experiment with different patterns but I typically go with honeycomb/hexagon
    • Material > print temp: 220, build plate temp: 60
    • Support > Generate Support: yes, most slicers allow you to set an overhead angle but I don’t see that in Cura. I go with 45 – 55 degrees.
    • Build Plate Adhesion > Raft, We didn’t talk much about this but a raft is just a base that your model prints on top of. It helps ensure adhesion to the bed and you pull it off after the print
    • Most other setting can be left at the default values but you’re free to experiment

Week 3: 03/12/2020

Week 4: 03/26/2020

Week 5: 04/04/2020

Check back often to see our progress and the student projects develop!