3D Printing

Level the print bed and launch the print

  1. Check the level of the print bed. From the main menu, select ‘Utilities’, then scroll and select ‘Level Build Plate’. The build plate will raise itself up and the print head will position itself towards the front and center. You’ll notice three screws with round, gray nuts holding the plate in place. What you want to achieve is to have the build plate and print nozzles spaced apart just about the thickness of a business card. Place the print heads above each of the three build plate screws and adjust the height so that the distance between the bed and nozzles is consistent and about the thickness of a business card. Again, do this for each of the three screws. If you need further assistance with this, feel free to ask a DLMC Media Mentor.  A level print bed can be the difference between a successful print and a failure!
  2. After Saving the sliced file to the SD card, eject it from the computer and insert it into the 3D printer. Use the up and down arrow keys to select ‘Print From SD’ on the main menu of the printer. Scroll to find the name of your file and press the center ‘OK’ button to launch the print. We ask that you plan to stay at least 10 minutes after you’ve launched your print so you can visually watch and ensure the printing is going successfully.

If you notice something off when the skirt or raft is being printed, or during the first few layers, cancel the print!

If anything at all seems off, cancel the print. You may need to re-level the build plate, or make adjustments within the slicing process.

If you need assistance, ask one of the DLMC Media Mentors.