The following is a list of equipment types currently available through The Hub:

UAV Drones

  • Multiple drones with assorted lenses and payload capacities.  Several ITS staff members are certified to fly – and are required to be present for projects involving drone work.

3D Printers & Materials

  • Public FlashForge Creator Pros with dual extruders.
  • Additional printing capacity in the Hub with:
    • Several models of FDM printers
    • Several models of Resin printers
    • 3D Pens and doodler kits

3D Scanners

  • Professional grade 3D scanners with portable workstations

CNC Machines

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

  • Access to the following Meta HMDs:
    • Rift
    • Go
    • Quest
  • Access to the following HTC HMDs:
    • Vive
    • Vive PRO

Hardware & software

  • PC Workstation for Editing, 3D Scanning, & 3D Modeling
  • Portable Laptops for 3D Scanning and VR
  • FlashPrint – 3D Printing Software
  • Simplify3d – 3d Printing Software
  • Arduino Starter Kits
  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ Starter Packs
  • Livescribe Smart Pen 3 (2)
  • Dremel rotary tools and accessory kits
  • Drill and assorted bits
  • Digital calipers
  • Various Handheld Tools
  • Various Safety Gear
  • Soldering/Rework Station

Technologies and Miscellaneous