3D Printing in the DLMC

DLMC Public Printing Resources:

The DLMC is equipped with public access Flashforge Creator Pro printers and assorted PLA type filaments.  The Creator Pro series Offer a balance of speed and resolution with reliability that makes them well suited to repeated use in a public setting. Technical information is available for those interested.

3D Printing Directions:

There are three steps to any 3D print.  Please follow the links below for further information on each step:

  1. Model Creation/Download
  2. File Conversion (Slicing)
  3. Printing

3D Printing Specialty Items:

In addition to public 3D Printers, The Hub also has a number of specialty printers that can print in other types of filament or resin.  These advanced printers are offered as a service only, due to the increased safety measures needed to operate them.  To request a print from these printers, please see the request form under the Hardware, Software, and Services menu on the DLMC website.