3D Printing to Save the World?

Do you like 3D Printing? Do you like solving problems with ingenuity and purpose?

Great! Read on and considering applying for a spot in the Fall 2020 Build a 3D Printer Club. Link to application at bottom of page.

3D Printing: Transforming creativity for the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’?

Here’s the low down:

Submit an application for a spot in the Build a 3D Printer Club, Fall 2020. Approved applications will receive a complete Creality Ender 3 3D Printer kit, either at their dorm room or mailed to their home. We’ll build them together virtually via Zoom. Here’s your end of the deal: you MUST prototype and present on a finished product, item, or tool by the end of the semester.

Here’s the premise:

As all of us our keenly aware, our life’s and the collective worlds can change rapidly. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected each and everyone of us in considerable ways. Despite the ugliness of the pandemic, the major changes to daily life, and unfortunately loss, there is a more positive side: ingenuity, creativity, and passion to utilize emerging technologies to solve problems and create personal protective gear to help fight the pandemic. Makerspaces across the world found ways of utilizing 3D printing, 3D scanning, and other rapid prototyping capabilities to fill the gap created by the massive need of Personal Protective Equipment including masks, face shields, and other protective items. ITS staff here at Colgate consulted weekly with other makerspaces at academic institutions across the USA to aide the Hamilton and Colgate community, as highlighted in this video.

3D Printing Technology Used to Create Face Masks

So what you create and develop with a 3D printer given this fictional scenario:

It’s Spring 2021 and we’re living life free from the worry of Covid-19 thanks to multiple, successful vaccinations. For the most part, it’s life as we remembered it before Covid-19, however, there is one small difference:

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