Spring 2021 Quarantine – Build A 3D Printer

Interested in 3D Printing? Do you like solving problems with ingenuity and purpose?

Great! Read on and considering applying for a spot in the Spring 2021 Quarantine Period, Build a 3D Printer Series. Link to application at bottom of page. 10 spots are available.

3D Printing: Transforming creativity for the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’?

Here’s the low down:

Submit an application for a spot in the Spring 2021 Quarantine Period, Build a 3D Printer Series. Approved applications will receive a complete Creality Ender 3 3D Printer kit. We’ll build them together virtually via Zoom, learn some basics about creating 3D models, and how to turn those 3D models into finished prints during the 2 week quarantine period. Here’s your end of the deal: you MUST prototype and present on a finished product, item, or tool at the end of the semester. We’ll meet up a couple more times during the semester, so please review the schedule and understand the commitment to meet up at other times during the semester. We will have a final ‘Shark Tank’ like pitch session to finish things off.

Here’s the premise:

What small practical design could you 3D Print to start a small business around? Describe both the design, product, intended use, and the business model.

Some Examples:

Freedom 360

Freedom 360 started as a camera mount system for GoPro cameras to create 360 degree videos. The company has since evolved into an impressive industry leader offering their initial rig concept and a wide selection of cameras, tripods, and much more.

Dream Pops

Dream Pops was founded in 2012 by Dave Greenfeld who utilized 3D printing to design his ice cream creations. They 3D print molds to create truly unique ice cream confections.


Endeer (now .Fusion) was co founded by Mathilde and Claire, who recognized an obvious, but overlooked problem: 80% percent of women wear a bra that is not adapted to fit their unique chest shape. So, utilizing scanning and 3D printing, they create bras with custom underwire to give women a more comfortable bra.

Here’s How you Apply:

Still interested? Think you’ve got a great idea for this? Fantatic!

Submit an application here!

Please submit your application by 01/22/2021 for consideration. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to consider late applications due to the nature of the quarantine period and the distribution of the 3D printer kits.

Here’s The Plan:

Week 1

Wednesday, January 27th 2021

  • Meet and Greet! In our first meet up we’ll introduce ourselves, discuss our project ideas, and discuss the 3D printer build.
  • Questions and answers
NameMajorDesign Idea
Bryan PalaguachiPhysics and chemistryInterchangeable harness system
Ariel FeinbergSociology, minor in Theatre360 degree, multi paper clip
Payton GoreUndeclaredDoor opener with clasps
Candido MartinezEconomics and Computer ScienceCustom computer mouse
Francis CriscioneComputer ScienceCup holder extensions for large water bottles
Mark JaschkeAstronomy and PhysicsBicycle add-ons/parts
Jennifer BartletComputer scienceAthletic therapy rollers
Div ChamriaPhysics and ChemistryRigid wallets
Linh NguyenComputer Science and Economics Customizable lamp shades
Cade SmithUndeclaredAirpod charging doc
Luke DurivageEconomicsPhone case with wallet
Daniel BernsteinPhysicsCar vent phone holder

Friday, January 29th 2021

  • Let’s take a look at our build progress so far and help others who might not have completed their builds.
  • Questions and answers

For next week:

  • Find and download the benchy model off Thingiverse. We will learn to slice (prepare to print) for next meetup on Monday, February 1st.
  • Download the slicing software Ultimaker Cura and be ready to learn about its usage and settings for printing.
  • Have your 3D printer kits fully built.

Additional Info and Resources:

The Brief but Building History of 3D Printing

Week 2

Monday, February 1st 2021

  • Let’s take a look at taking a model and preparing it for print with the slicing software Cura.
    • Layer height
    • infill
    • support
    • raft
    • temperatures
  • Leveling the build plate on an Ender 3
  • Loading filament
  • Questions and answers

Friday, February, 5th 2021

  • Let’s take a look at basic CAD modeling with TinkerCAD
  • Questions and answers

For next meetup, March 25th 2021 :

  • Have initial prototypes ready to share with the group. We will discuss them and offer input and suggestions on how to move forward.

Additional Info and Resources:

You do not need to create an account to use and the Ender 3 are non-networked printers.

We will talk about this in our meeting. I use a business card to level. The main goal is having the distance between the nozzle and the print bed, about the width of the business card and consistent at each of the four dials.

LinkedIn Learning – Learning Tinkercad with Kacie Hultgren. Great tutorial, takes just under an hour and a half. Highly recommended.

Week 3

Thursday March 25th, 2021

  • Show and tell! Share with us your initial prototype(s). Share with us your successes and challenges. We’ll discuss them as a group and offer up any suggestions, help, or ideas we might have as you move into your final design phase.
  • Questions and answers

For next meetup, May 7th 2021 :

  • Have your final prototype completed
  • Prepare you “Shark Tank” pitch. You may want to create a PowerPoint presentation, or maybe a video that will pitch your company and your amazing new product.

Week 4

Friday, May 7th 2021

  • Shark Tank time! Present your product and sales pitch. We’ll have some guest committee members to review the final pitches and maybe some prizes for the best product and pitches!

Submit an application here!   Applications are closed!