The Hub


The Hub resources are available to students, faculty, and staff for free! The space is intended to be used to support learning and teaching within the Colgate community; as such, projects must have academic merit (this space is not for creating rocket shaped shot glasses). However, we place few limits on the type of projects if you are learning through making!

To access the Hub space and equipment you must complete a safety training session. You will be required to demonstrate your ability to safely operate the equipment prior to use. Please send an email to Andrew Smith ( to schedule a training session. Upon completion of your training you will be permitted to access the Hub during open hours and by appointment.

The Hub space and equipment may be accessed during the open hours of the Case-Geyer Library.

All equipment must remain in the Hub and should not be removed from the space. You will be responsible for any damaged or lost equipment, and any damage to the space, when using the Hub resources.

Please complete the project description form (click here) to document the work of the Hub community!