Models: Where Do They Come From?

Need a Digital Model?  Worlds-First-Color-Multi-material-3D-Printer-1

No model? No problem! There are multiple online services that host thousands of 3D models – many freely available! Check out Thingiverse, or one of the other sites, and grab a model. Just be sure to download as either an .OBJ or .STL file.

Want to Create Your Own Design? 

A variety of design programs are available for free. If you want to get started with 3D modeling, we suggest that you consider a web-based CAD tool. Tinkercad and Leopoly both offer an intuitive interface and easy transition into 3D thinking. OnShape is a more robust tool, offering the ability to test your designs in their simulator. Detailed tutorials for each of the programs are available on the companies’ websites. We encourage you to explore one of these software programs to modify an existing or create an original design.

A large number of companies make an array of design software to suit a variety of applications. Checkout for a list of other design software.

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